Cathy Albro for State House District 104

These trying times are testing all of us…and our democracy. Our fellow Americans are reacting in two really different ways.

One group wants only the wealthy to make decisions that affect us. They are sowing hate and fear and filling us with lies to divide and confuse us. Why? When people fight with each other, they don’t see what’s actually harming them—and everyone else, on both sides.

I’m with the other group. We believe power always belongs to “We the people.” We are Americans working to strengthen democracy and use it to improve everyone’s quality of life. Truth and transparency are our cornerstones; freedom, justice, and opportunity are our highest common values.

I am running for State House in District 104 to help save our democracy, so that our government can do the job our Founding Fathers envisioned. We must rise above divisive attack politics, put families and communities first, and work to bring freedom, justice and opportunity to EVERYONE!

Cathy Albro

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Michigan HD-104

Michigan’s 104 State House District is located in the Northwest corner of the lower peninsula and includes much of Antrim, Grand Traverse (except the Traverse City area), Kalkaska, Benzie, Manistee and the northern part of Wexford Counties.

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